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Learn Which Rock Stars Suck-in Sleep And Those Were Hung Like Ponies (Relating To Some Anonymous Groupies On Reddit)

Learn Which Rock Stars Suck-in Sleep And Those Were Hung Like Ponies (Relating To Some Anonymous Groupies On Reddit)

Fun Reddit hazard alert! Redditor Bhighkin put a phone call over to the former groupies of Reddit to share with you their own NSFW sexcapdes with rock stars. Just what ensued happened to be a lot of unreliable, friend-of-a-friend, hookup stories-turned total Reddit fuckery featuring Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish, Chad Kroeger, John Mayer, Eddie Vedder, Harry kinds, DMX’s mother (!) many a lot more popular pees who aren’t even rockstars. Know just who likes “rough anal“, who’s ways into buttholes, that is asexual, and who may have extreme cock, it is frequently police singles reviews too lost to get up. I’ve included various tidbits following hop.

“A lady we used to have a regarding once again, off once more fling with experienced intercourse with Darius Rucker (hootie from hootie in addition to blowfish). She mentioned he was a fantastic lay, an ideal guy, as well as performed to the girl each day while he produced their morning meal. On Route out he thanked the woman for being a great variety and stated she got a gorgeous home.”

“friend of a roommate’s mama fucked DMX. we got his wide variety from this lady cell phone but their answering maker information was actually merely him barking for 30 seconds.”

“At the nightclub we just work at in the past (maybe five) kid rock was available in one night after playing the downtown area. Well the guy hit it well with one performer named fate. They returned to their tour shuttle, where they got banged up-and performed they deed. She allegedly strung around with your for each week. And evidently he likes harsh anal. Thus there’s that.”

“Mid 90s I happened to be on the way a bit with Eddie Vedder. Little intimate eve taken place between you. He had been in fact extremely tame and mellow. Didnt use medicines, drink a lot of, and is sorts of asexual.We used to just discuss this is of life all day at a time.”

“My friend’s cousin dated Derek Jeter for a while along with secrets to their house. According To Research By The tale she joined 1 day to obtain him butt ass nude on his couch viewing highlights of themselves and thumping their chest area with his fist saying ‘YEAH JEETS, YEAH JEETS.’”

“i understand a female who familiar with hook up with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback continuously.

Stated he or she is installed like a horse which kinda pisses myself down.”

“A buddy of my banged Stephen Jenkins, the lead singer of Third attention Blind. She was front row at a concert on university she gone to.. The guy informed her ahead backstage following program and picked 2 other random women too. After obtaining a closer look at all of them, he chose the lady and took this lady returning to their truck. We read it absolutely was sweaty and he was fucked upwards (exactly what did you expect??)”

“I worked as a barmaid in various pubs in Camden area for five ages when it had been indie main, so I have got to hang around with lots of bands…Julian Casablancas keeps a huge penis but had been usually as well shagged in order to get hard.”

“I’ve generated a throwaway because One way lovers terrify me. I’m from NY and had been back in chelsea on break from university up north. We seen my favorite cupcake store and went into Harry kinds. (You don’t will feel a 20 yr old us lady without identifying the group members of one path.) We tipped him off that the yellow velvet cupcakes had been the very best of the whole lot making an exit. This shop is on a fairly silent road (among the outdated cobbled your: some of the the happy), so I turned around when I heard “excuse me personally.” There seemed to be Harry, suggested cupcake at hand. The guy strolled into the block with me there got a car waiting for him. I imagined severely about simply going room, but I found myself convinced it was the sort of adventure that doesn’t occur two times, and so I had gotten in when he offered. We drove around for a long time behind tinted microsoft windows chatting casually, and in the end ended up at his lodge. He have with a security guy that were seated in the front seat and advised the driver to take me a few obstructs out, providing myself directions locate his handler in the hotel. It absolutely was truthfully surreal and I believed he had been getting slightly absurd until We noticed the literal mob of teenage girls at the front end doorway. We worked my ways through the audience (no person ended me because I found myselfn’t with Harry.) Amazingly, his slightly vague instructions panned down and I also wound up inside the package. We had fantastic discussions, good intercourse, and exceptional champagne, where point the guy wanted to set for many part of his task, therefore I going outside of the hotel outside past the mob of followers. It was a very unconventional enjoy, and in the long run personally i think bad for him after witnessing all fumes and mirrors that moved into an informal day. He seemed like a beneficial chap, and I also hope he’s succeeding, but i’ve no desire to have a repeat. I’m a truly exclusive individual and have always been not willing to take the risk of my personal identity or visualize leaking…oh my personal goodness the number of dick specific inquiries. He previously a slightly bigger than ordinary (in my opinion, which truthfully is not vast) cock. It had beenn’t covered in sparkle and it didn’t smell of sunflowers, just a fairly normal penis he set to decent usage.”

“One evening, John Mayer rolling through town during one of is own trips. After their show, said pal of ex-girlfriend generated the lady way back stage and had gotten invited to hold down with John. Again, that is her thing and she’s great at. Quite uneventful crap to date, but seemingly eventually through the experience the lady and John began to find out relatively highly. This sooner cause, in the temperature of the moment, John tilting into this girl’s ear and whispering, “Let me personally see your screwing butthole”. Word-for-word, that is (obviously) the thing that was said. We don’t know if mentioned butthole had been ever demonstrated to Mr. Mayer, but I’d choose consider it actually was.”

“I found myself at a John Mayer concert and myself and a buddy had been invited backstage to ‘hang down.’ Whenever we returned there the guy requested us whenever we had been okay with him fisting either people. Once We stated no, the guy laughed at you, known as us ugly, and banged all of us completely.”

“Not me, but i understand of two women that have a threesome with Thom Yorke in 2008.

Seemingly he had been at a harsh patch along with his wife/girlfriend but they’re however along so perhaps everything is best now. They squeezed into following celebration and to Thom’s hotel. He likes Asian girls. One of the girls was Asian, and 20 one thing, another ended up being a blonde 40 some thing who was simply bi and would attach aided by the Asian female which the woman date performedn’t brain. The boyfriend is a reasonably well-known artist themselves that has tape-recorded records of Radiohead handles and just who himself is actually a fan, very presumably he was okay making use of hookup. Thom said he’d create a track on her, and Lotus Flower was the effect. Another band users don’t trick about on the way, and Thom does not that frequently, seemingly.”

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